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Andy has worked for the Company for over 15 Years and has a vast amount of experience surveying and installing all types of physical security equipment such as Grilles, Steel Doors and Vandal Screening. He will be happy to advise you on solving any of your window and door security problems.

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Call Andy

Our industry expert for excellent advice
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Window Protection

Window Guard Direct is committed to offering solutions for window protection that is both unobtrusive and secure. The most likely way an assailant will gain access to your property is via a window as they can swiftly break the glass.

Our products are designed so that they are as unobtrusive as possible and are far different from the primitive iron window shields you will likely have seen on derelict buildings. Our range of window guards are fitted directly onto the frames of the window and can be powder coated in a variety of colours to match your frame so that they canít be easily seen.

The importance of window protection for businesses is increasing as the cost of glass is forced up by a shortfall in production across Europe. By placing a window shield across it will protect your glass from any thrown objects. Typically businesses have used roller shutters to protect shop fronts however these are expensive and difficult to install. In many cases for an external shutter you will also need to require planning permission off the council which can be a long and drawn out affair. Therefore for window protection window shields are the cost effective alternative.

Window guards are particularly popular within Schools where the risk of direct or indirect vandalism is often relatively high. Schools are also increasingly using them for window protection for buildings surrounding playgrounds and playing fields. In these areas the danger of breakage can be high as children play ball games and can often mistakenly hit the windows.