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Andy has worked for the Company for over 15 Years and has a vast amount of experience surveying and installing all types of physical security equipment such as Grilles, Steel Doors and Vandal Screening. He will be happy to advise you on solving any of your window and door security problems.

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Vandalism Posted on : 22/05/2012

According to the British Crime Survey approximately 25% of all crimes recorded are classified as vandalism, much of this is against properties, with window and door glazing a major target. In the past the only way to protect glass against breakage was to fit wire mesh screens which were not only unsightly but also fairly ineffective because it was still possible for missiles such as stones to go through the holes in the mesh, the alternative is to fit roller shutters, but these are only effective when they are closed and are not only unsightly but for most locations planning permission is required before they can be installed. There are more modern alternatives that are now available that can be retro fitted to the outside of windows and doors that are more effective and have a better appearance, the most common of these are perforated metal screens within a frame, these can either be fitted to the outside of the window frames or fitted with a stand-off so that the windows can be opened  normally, these type of screens have the appearance of tinted glass from a distance, the alternative is to fit clear screens with tough polycarbonate glazing. If yoy want more information on the options available please call or weu