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Andy has worked for the Company for over 15 Years and has a vast amount of experience surveying and installing all types of physical security equipment such as Grilles, Steel Doors and Vandal Screening. He will be happy to advise you on solving any of your window and door security problems.

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Call Andy

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Hammer Glass

Hammerglass is manufactured from an anti-aging poly carbonate sheet which is designed so that it is nearly impossible to break. The material is 300 times stronger than conventional glass therefore guaranteeing strength and security.

With the durability of Hammerglass the material is ideal for tackling the problem of vandalism and security against your windows. We provide them in an aluminium frame which can be simply fitted onto existing frame with a matching colour. So that graffiti is not a problem the Hammerglass is coated in a unique silicon oxide coating. This means that any graffiti can be easily removed by using a graffiti removal solvent.

Hammerglass is suitable for all types of environments and is easy to install onto any existing window or door. To make the product more secure the fixings are concealed within the frame itself so that a burglar cannot easily attack the window guards. This makes them equally suitable for security as well as countering vandalism.

We can supply our Hammerglass vandal shields in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements. Unlike other products which are advertised as security/safety glass such as laminated glass or tempered glass Hammerglass easily crack and with tempered glass will shatter as you will likely have seen on the side windows of cars.

To learn more about our Hammerglass security protection please contact us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to sales@windowguarddirect.co.uk.