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Andy has worked for the Company for over 15 Years and has a vast amount of experience surveying and installing all types of physical security equipment such as Grilles, Steel Doors and Vandal Screening. He will be happy to advise you on solving any of your window and door security problems.

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Call Andy

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Welcome to Window Guard Direct

Window Guard Direct offer specialist solutions in protection for both windows and doors against the threat of vandalism as well as theft. With vandalism an ever present problem in society the need for window protection remains a necessity.

Glass Protection is becoming more of an issue for businesses as the cost of glass continues to increase. Frequently buying replacements can put a real strain upon a company’s competitiveness and serves as a needless cost if vandalisms a persistent issue.

We have a variety of window shields ensuring that we can find the best solution for your given needs. The most cost effective option is our vandal shields which consist of a 2mm perforated steel mesh in an aluminium frame, offering protection against any large objects. A more secure option is the security shields which are manufactured with a thicker aluminium frame and welded at the corners for extra strength.

Our clear vision security screens act as effectively an invisible barrier for your windows. The screens on these are made from Hammerglass, material which is 300 times stronger than that of conventional glass. The clear window shield are certified to P8B, meaning that it will withstand an attack from most hand tools.

If you are interested in window protection and require further information on our range of vandal shields please contact us on 0800 163 258 or send an email to sales@windowguarddirect.co.uk.

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Maintenance Free  Posted on : 23/11/2015

The beauty of anti vandal shields is that after you've installed them on a window they require very little to no maintenance in the future. This is due to the fact that unlike grilles or roller shutters there are no moving parts. We provide vandal shields in a powder coated finish so that they sh

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How will vandal shield appear on the inside?  Posted on : 08/10/2015

Many people when they see the product on its own believe that the vandal shield may prevent light from getting through inside. With traditional products this was indeed the case and was used mainly on abandoned buildings. However the mesh has been designed so this is not the case. It in fact allo

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